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Vital Communities is teaming up with communities and solar installers across the Upper Valley to help residents and small businesses go solar. Our goal: Ramp up adoption of solar across the Upper Valley. Read more here.

Gearing up for Round Two. Solarize Upper Valley is accepting bids through September 12th from solar PV installers seeking to partner with any of our five Round Two Solarize Communities. Learn more on our installers page.

120 homes went solar this spring through Solarize Upper Valley programs in Cornish, Plainfield, Lyme, Thetford, and Strafford! Together we've generated 640 new kilowatts of power for the Upper Valley, and reduced our region's carbon emissions by 552 metric tons. That's equivalent to taking 116 cars off the road! Read more in our Solarize Round One Report.

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